Our aim is to develop positive values, independence and self-confidence.

We believe children should be encouraged to develop at their own pace. We therefore provide many opportunities for them to discover, question, experience, find out, explore, imagine and experiment.

Activities are well planned and evaluated; children are regularly observed so their next stage of development can be planned for and encouraged. Your child is now helped to take more responsibility for their actions and daily routines ready to prepare them for the wider world of school.

Our priority is to make you and your family feel happy and to establish a relationship with yourselves on good communication and trust

Ladybirds (0 - 18 months) & Honeybees (18m - 30m)


Staff in the Ladybirds and Honeybees are dedicated to providing much love and stimulation for the babies in their care. Alongside tending to the babies wellbeing LE uses treasure baskets to enhance their development.

Treasure baskets enable children to develop their cognitive development, this is done through exploring objects using their senses. Heuristic play describes the activity and play with babies and children as they play with and explore the properties of the different ‘objects’ in these baskets These baskets are incorporated into the rooms at LE nursery for children to explore in their own time. It is a great source to encourage children to independently choose an object and explore its properties.

Children can spend up to 30 minutes concentrating on this form of play, whether it’s exploring a particular object or searching through the baskets to see what else they can find. The objects in the basket can be household objects, natural objects and different textured materials. The purpose of these treasure baskets is to create endless play opportunities, the children at nursery demonstrate using the objects to represent other things, for example, children use the metal spoons to bang on the metal bowls to make noises.

During the day at LE nursery practitioners will clear a space within their rooms and place the baskets and objects out in an inviting manner. A practitioner will support and enhance the learning opportunities by introducing language and role modelling play. It is a great chance for practitioners to take photos and make observations of the children.
As the children get older they will be begin to enjoy posting, hiding, rolling, pouring, filling, therefore you can introduce objects into these baskets which incorporate this , for example providing some boxes with lids so children can fill and empty the boxes.

Monkeys (30m - 42m)

Monkey Room
Monkey Room

The staff in the Monkey and Dolphin room are dedicated to providing a caring, stimulating and safe environment in which the children can learn and develop. In the Monkey and Dolphin room, the staff plan their activities around the individual needs of the children following the Early Years Foundation Stage. The staff in these rooms observe and assess each child’s development and record their progress in their Foundation Stage profile. These are readily available in the parent’s information boxes. Parent information boxes are located in each room, we use them to pass on information to yourselves. The six areas of learning are promoted inside and outside through routines, free play and adult led activities.

The Monkey’s and Dolphins enjoy having lots of fun which includes lots of creative and physical activities. We encourage the children to be independent thinkers by offering a range of resources and allowing them to use their own thoughts and ideas to create their own pieces of work and play. Each child has their own coat peg with a recognisable picture to help them become familiar with their own name and surroundings. As part of their daily routine the children all sit together for group time and take part in listening to stories and music, singing, action rhymes, playing with musical instruments and talking about shapes and colours.

The children and staff enjoy going for walks around the campus and looking at the local environment that surrounds them. We have a large outdoor provision which is used continually so the children have the option of being in or out. The six areas of learning are included as part of our continuous outdoor provision.

At meal and snack times the children are encouraged to wash their hands independently. The children help prepare for lunch by setting the tables with cutlery and place mats. Each child has their own water bottle to drink freely throughout the day. After lunch part of the Monkey room is used for those children that require an afternoon nap.

A change of clothing is required and nappies/pull ups if necessary. When your child is ready to be toilet trained, please speak to your child’s key person and we will be happy to support you with this. Please provide additional clothing when your child is toilet training.

“Children who begin their education in a learning environment that is vibrant, purposeful, challenging and supporting stand the best chance of developing into confident and successful learners”. Effective learning environments are created over time as the result of practitioners and parents working together, thinking and talking about children’s learning and planning how to promote it”. (EYFS 2008 & 20120)

The monkey room follows 'Sticky kids' music and movement resource ( Sticky Kids is a comprehensive learning resource for the early years practitioner. The music and movement songs will help achieve the goals set out by the early years curriculum requirements, not only in physical development but also in other learning fields.

Dolphins (42m - 60m+)

Dolphin Room
Bus Ride

Preparing children for school is our priority for this age group. As they begin their gentle introduction to a more structured setting, preparing them for their school years ahead, children further develop their listening and communication skills.

Taking turns and fully participating in the activities for the day is all part of their pre-school learning though always with flexibility to allow for child-led activities. Children starting school after their pre-school years with LE are confident and full of self-esteem,ready to start their formal education years, forging new friendships and continue on their learning journey.

Butterflies Room (University of Hull Campus)

Our brand new room cares for children 2 – 5 yrs, term time only and is based at the new setting.